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We Lost A Friend

Well it's time for an update again. This time it is with a heavy heart that I announce that Bedrock support has been removed from the site for now. This was done so that I could continue making MCCreations the best place for Minecraft content without worrying about an ever expanding scope of platforms I needed to support. Instead of adding new features I'm doubling down on improving what we already have and making the experience of being on MCCreations the best it possibly can.

In other news, I've made some small improvements and fixed a feature that we used to have so yay!


- Fixed an issue where my hasty removal of Bedrock support caused many pieces of content to not show up

- Content owners are now emailed when a user comments on their map (yay it's back!)

- The comment email now includes a button to go right to the map the user commented on

- Related Content is now no longer restricted to version and will instead show 3 maps in just the same category

- Fixed an issue where the file dropdown lightbox wasn't correctly showing files

I know it's a rather small update, but more improvements are soon to come!

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Jul 04, 2022

I through it gonna be about Technoblade, no bedrock support is good actually

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